Respite is planned or emergency care that provides temporary relief to family caregivers of an adult, or a child with special needs. The CareBreaks Program assists caregivers taking care of famiy members with disabilities of any age. Some volunteers may be available. If needed, CareBreaks may also help to pay part of the cost for respite provided by approved agencies. For information, contact the Diocese of Providence, One Cathedral Square, Providence, RI 02903.


The Rhode Island TimeBank Initiative works with partners across the state to build support networks of individuals, children, youth, families, and communities across the state. For every hour that a person assists an individual or group, he/she earns a Time Dollar. They can then use that Time Dollar to receive an hour of a neighbor’s time or engage in a group activity offered by a neighbor. For more information, contact:

The Rhode Island Parent Support Network,

1395 Atwood Avenue , Suite114, Johnston, RI 02919


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