The Citizens Commission for the

Safety & Care of the Elderly


JUNE 6, 2012

Chairman Rick Susi called the Meeting to order at 10:04am at the Division of Elderly Affairs, 74 West Road, 2 nd floor, Cranston. Mr. Susi circulated an Attendance Sheet.

Attendance: Chairman Susi, Jack Quigley, Vice-Chair, Stephen Dresner, Esq., Treasurer, Mary Ann Ciano, Secretary, Vincent Quinterno, Sgt. Ann Assumpico, Tom Magill, Terry Haydt, Rita Murphy, Helen Deines, Carolyn Pellegrino, Marjorie Perry, Joan Plante, Valerie Topp, Martha Crippen

Excused: Norman Chapman, Roger Demers, Russ Enos, Robert Rock, Corporal Michael Casey

Absent: Gloria Heisler, Denise Owens, Melody Rodrigues

Chairman Susi asked members for introductions so that new members could be acknowledged. The General Assembly is still in the process of certifying the new members whose names were submitted. Chairman Susi will consider all names submitted as approved and they will be allowed to participate as full members.

Chairman Susi reported that Janice Zeichner has withdrawn her membership from the Commission, effective immediately. Stephen Dresner indicated that former member Lu Brennan has verbalized to him an interest in re-instating her membership to the Commission. Chairman Susi contact Ms. Brennan to confirm her request.

Old Business:

  Review and approval of the February 22, 2012 Minutes by Chairman Susi.

  Chairman Susi reports of no legislative issues that would be of interest to the Commission.

 New Business:

  Chairman Susi reported that he represented the Commission at two public events. On April 11 th, Chairman Susi participated in a Senior Advisory Group Meeting sponsored by Rep. Cicilline. On June 4 th, Chairman Susi participated in a Senior Resource Fair at the North Providence Senior Center sponsored by Rep. Cicilline. Rita Murphy indicated that 30 vendors were represented at the Senior Resource Fair, namely any agency/organization that could assist older adults. Additionally, information was available for adults under 60, as well as for caregivers of older adults. Ms. Murphy indicated that a Senior Resource Fair is under consideration in the Cumberland area in the near future.

  Annual Training:

Date: Members agree that the Annual Training will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, time to be determined

Location: Members agree that the Training will return to a restaurant//hotel location. Secretary Ciano will start the process

of locating the Training site.

Format/Topics: Members discussed the following Training topics:

*Dept. of Health – Medical License Review

*Division of Elderly Affairs – After-Hours ER Response Program

*Senior Housing – Bullying (Warwick Police Advocate)

*Role of Housing Resident Services Coordinator

*St Elizabeth Community – Elder Abuse Shelter

*Falls and Injury Prevention – State Fire Marshal

*Behavioral Health – Council for Community Mental Health Centers

Format recommendation—panel of 10 presenters, 5 minutes per topic, break up into individual round table discussions; 20 minutes per table/topic

A sub-committee of Commission Members will be formalized and meet within the next 30 days to assist with the Training planning and coordination. Chairman Susi will notify members of the sub-committee meeting.

The Meeting adjourned at 11:55am. The next Commission Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 6, 2012, 10:00am-12:00n at the DEA/Director’s Conference Room, 74 West Road, 2 nd Floor, Cranston.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Ciano, Secretary