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SCAM # 22

From the Georgia SMP…Medicare Doctor Visit Scam

A Medicare beneficiary telephoned a SMP volunteer telephoned after she made an appointment with “Primary Caregiver”. She said that a doctor from “Primary Caregiver would becoming to examine her in her home. SMP program told the beneficiary that this appeared to be a scam. Medicare did not send doctors to homes. I spoke with her attendant who made the appointment .Attendant called me back with phone ID info. The number was 1-877-868-5351 and the caller was Rachel Bower. The attendant said that she had phoned Primary Caregiver to make certain that she would be at participant's home when MD arrived this afternoon. I suggested that whomever came not be let into the home nor given any information. Attendant said that she was suspicious, but was unable to be there this afternoon.

I phoned the number and it was answered as Universal Health Care. I told the telephone operator that my sister had an appointment this afternoon and that I needed information about the visit. The representative said that Dr. Tims (female) would be making visits. She said that this was their Care Management Program to make certain that the person meets Medicare guidelines for the coverage that is provided. She said that this was one of their benefits provided yearly. Dr. Tims would check vital signs, check medications that are being taken and check health history. She said that no blood would be drawn. This person never asked for my name and I did not give a name. Terri pulled Universal Healthcare up (spelled that way). and She was notified that this was an unsafe site.