Hurricane & Emergency Preparations Information

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At a recent Emergency Preparedness conference, attendees were issued the

following items that should be in an emergency or evacuation kit.

The kit contains:

Emergency water
A collapsible water jug
Work gloves
Safety goggles
Extra batteries
Night light tube
Duct tape
Emergency blanket
Emergency poncho
First aid kit.
6 food bars



1. Emergency Interpreting Services:

The interpreter referral service has compiled a list of interpreters who would be available to accommodate interpreting needs. Interpreters can be used for emergency shelters, emergency medical needs, emergency legal needs and any other hurricane-related situations. If any type of interpreting service is needed at any time during this weekend, or during non-business hours, our answering service can be reached at (401) 586-6100. Interpreter Referral Personnel will be in close communication with the answering service while the storm is in the vicinity.


2. Emergency Shelters: If there will be a need for emergency shelters, communication with deaf or hard of hearing individuals can best be accomplished by an interpreter. Should these services not be available or delayed, please ensure that the following items are available at shelters for the purposes of communication:

a. Writing Pads w/Pens

b. White Board w/Markers

c. Visual Aids d. Laptop with webcam and WIFI if possible and available


3. Media: Please ensure that any television news stations reporting use closed captioning for any emergency information.