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How Much Will Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Cost?

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage will help you pay for high out-of-pocket drug expenses. There will be different types of plans offered and people with limited income and resources may be eligible for Extra Help.

Your standard coverage plan in 2006 might look like this:

  • You will pay an average monthly premium of $32.20.
  • You will also pay your first $250 in annual drug expenses. This is called your annual deductible.
  • Medicare will pay 75% after the deducible and you will pay a 25% co-insurance for up to $2,250 in drug expenses.
  • You are responsible for 100% of your prescription drug expenses until you have spent a total of $5,100 in prescriptions per year.
  • When your out-of-pocket expenses reach $3,600, Medicare will pay 95% and you will pay 5%. Out-of-pocket expenses include the annual deductible of $250, all co-payments and co-insurance.

There will be “Extra Help” available for some people with limited income. RIDEA will assist you in making the best decision for your prescription drug coverage plan.

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