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Why do I need coverage?

Why was Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage created?

The cost of prescription drugs is increasing and we have come to rely more and more on new drug therapies to treat chronic conditions. The fact is, many of our elderly cannot afford to maintain their health and this trend will continue as long as out-of-pocket spending for prescription drugs continues to rise.

Why do I need Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage?

Many people who are on Medicare need or will need prescription drugs to stay healthy and the new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage can protect you from high out-of-pocket costs.

Even if you do not use a lot of prescription drugs now, you should still consider joining a Medicare Prescription Drug Program plan. If you do not join by May 15, 2006 and you do not have a drug plan that covers as much or more than a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, you will have to pay a higher premium (1% increase each month) to join later.

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