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The RIde program provides transportation services to those 60 and older and handicapped persons under 60 who meet certain criteria.

Transportation is generally available weekdays for doctors’ appointments, therapy, medical tests, senior day care, kidney dialysis, cancer treatments and meal site lunches. Call RIde approximately three to four weeks prior to appointments at
461-9760 or 1-800-479-6902.

ATTENTION: Seniors who would like a receipt for their 2008 medical transportation on RIde to calculate their medical expense deduction on their 2008 Federal Tax return:

Please follow this procedure .

Put your request in writing to: RIde Program , 333 Melrose Street , Providence, RI 02907.

The request should include a self-addressed stamped envelope or FAX number.

Each year, this information will be available during January and February.

These communities provide additional transportation for their senior residents:

Barrington 247-1926
Bristol 253-8458
Burrillville 568-4440
Coventry 822-9175
Cranston 943-3341
Lincoln 723-3270
Narragansett 782-0675
North Kingstown 268-1590
North Providence 231-0749
North Smithfield 765-3535
Pawtucket 725-8220
Scituate 647-2662
Smithfield 949-4592
South Kingstown 789-0268
Warren 245-8140
Warwick 738-1276
Woonsocket 766-3734

Rhode Islanders of any age who have a disability may be eligible for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Services from the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) curb-to-curb transportation service to people with disabilities which prevent them from using regular RIPTA bus service. This service is provided along existing RIPTA service corridors at a cost of twice the standard bus rate for all riders. Apply by calling 784-9500.

RIPTA bus passes cost residents 65 or older $10 and are valid for 5 years. Qualified riders who have a disability and under 65 pay $10 for their 5-year pass. Pass holders pay half-fare on off-peak hours, weekends, and holidays. Bus pass holders enrolled in Medical Assistance (Medicaid) or RIPAE Level One income guidelines ($19,785 annually for an individual and $24,735 for a married couple) may apply for the No Fare program and ride free during all hours.

Call RIPTA at 784-9500, X604 for details.

For additional information on RIPTA programs, you can go to their web site at www.ripta.com.

DHS will help persons who are enrolled in Medicaid arrange suitable non-emergency transportation for covered services. Call 784-3899.